Roman Pelts, FIDE Master

Roman Pelts, Chess Master

The title FIDE master is awarded by The World Chess Federation, an international organization that connects the national chess federations around the world. Fédération Internationale des Échecs, which is usually referred to as FIDE, was founded in Paris, France on July 20, 1924.

Roman Pelts was born in Ukraine on August 11, 1937. As one of the world's leading chess trainers, his accomplishments include the title FIDE Master. With over 50 years of teaching experience, he is the premier chess coach in Canada today. Roman Pelts has been teaching chess at Upper Canada College for over 22 years.

During his early years in the Soviet Union, he gained recognition as a chess player when he placed second in the USSR Young Masters Championship. He later played board one on the Soviet national team that won the 1964 Students' World Championship at Krakow, Poland.

Roman founded a chess school in his hometown of Odessa in 1959. Seven of his early students became grandmasters: Lev Alburt, Sam Palatnik, Vladimir Tukmakov, Valery Beim, Konstantin Lerner, Leonid Yurtaev, and Boris Kantsler. He was the official trainer for the 1971 USSR student team on which future world champion Anatoly Karpov and world candidate Alexander Beliavsky played. Because of his successes, the Ukranian government awarded him the title of Honoured Chess Coach of Ukraine.

Roman Pelts came to Canada in 1978, bringing with him the material that forms the basis of Comprehensive Chess Course. Published in 1986, this two volume work was written in collaboration with U.S. champion Lev Alburt. It is widely praised as the finest book of instruction available to schools and parents. Chess Association of Ontario highly recommends Roman Pelts' books in all Ontario chess classrooms.

After moving to Montreal, Roman established the first Canadian chess school in 1979. He later settled in Toronto and continued his school there. Thousands of young players have benefitted from his training. Many of his top students have become national champions and competed internationally at the World Youth and Junior Championships. Several have gone on to become masters themselves.

FM Pelts has represented Canada three times on the national team at the World Chess Olympiads (Luzern, Switzerland 1982 and Thessalonika, Greece 1984, 1988). At the 1984 competition, he scored 8 points out of 11 without a single defeat. This remarkable performance placed him second in the overall individual standings.

As a teacher and lecturer, Roman's services are in demand across North America. He has taught at numerous chess camps and given seminars on a variety of chess topics in Canada and the United States. He has also conducted intensive training workshops for instructors from organizations such as the Chess'n Math Association.

In 2005, Roman was awarded the title of FIDE trainer at the FIDE executive board meeting in Dresden. This qualifies Roman to conduct FIDE Authorized seminars to train other chess instructors. Roman is the first person in Canada to achieve this qualification. Further information is available at FIDE

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