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Markham Economist & Sun, September 17, 2002

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“... the Thornhill resident is recognized as a world-class teacher who has beaten Kasparov, the world’s top ranked player, was the official trainer of the 1971 USSR student team, which included Karpov, and was a member of the Soviet gold medal team at the 1964 Student’s World Championship in Poland.”

Globe & Mail, May 28, 1983

“Mr. Pelts was a professional engineer and chess coach in the Soviet Union. He preferred chess... He coached players who went on to become Grandmasters, notably Lev Alburt and Vladimir Tukmakov.”

Chess Canada, June, 2006

“Roman Pelts is one of Canada’s greatest players. He played more than seventy Grandmasters back when they were really tough, and scored over 50%. Approaching seventy he remains Canada’s top chess instructor and is a constant promoter of the game.”

Press Release, Toronto, May 3, 1985

“Mr. Roman Pelts, honoured Chess Coach and FIDE Chess Master is pleased to announce that the winner of the 1985 Toronto Closed Chess Championship is [his student] 15 year old former Canadian Cadet Champion Todd Southam.”

Globe & Mail, Toronto, June, 1988

“Roman Pelts won the Toronto Closed undefeated with 9 of 11 possible points.”

Globe & Mail, Toronto, 1985

“Pelts led team to 20th place. Top-scorer for Canada in the recent Chess Olympics in Greece was Roman Pelts of Toronto, on board 4 with 8 points out of 11”

Toronto Star, 1988

“A stellar performance by Roman Pelts gave him this year’s Toronto Closed Championship with an undefeated score
9-2 score… Pelts’ style is solidly strategic and his opponents often seem to be lured into unsound attacking attempts…”

Results of the Canadian Open 1978

Roman Pelts competed against over 700 of the World's best chess players at the Canadian Open 1978. He finished in second place.

results of the 1978 canadian open re Roman Pelts

Echec Magazine April 1986

Echec Magazine April 1986 Roman Pelts