Chess Lessons from a Chess Master

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Roman Pelts, FIDE Master and FIDE trainer, offers individual and group lessons.

For a young person to reach their full potential in chess, private instruction is essential. Individual guidance from a professional trainer benefits a player in many ways, accelerating their development and building confidence. Roman Pelts, Canada’s premier chess coach and the founder of Chess Academy of Canada, is available for private or semi-private lessons. (Semi-private means two students at the same time)

Besides his own achievements over the board, FM Pelts has more than 50 years teaching experience. Seven of his students have become grandmasters. Many others have competed successfully in national and world youth events. His two volume Comprehensive Chess Course is widely praised as the finest book of instruction available to schools and parents.

In 2005, in recognition of his expertise and decades of service, the World Chess Federation (F.I.D.E.) awarded Roman Pelts the esteemed title of FIDE Trainer, the only Canadian to be so honoured.

All students receive extensive homework suitable to their skill level, taken from 20 different programs specially created by Roman Pelts, from beginner to expert. FREE instructional books are also provided.

Intensive private courses can be arranged. Reasonably priced accommodation is available for students from outside the Toronto area.

Lesson Fees:

  • Private:
    • 1 hour           $60
    • 1½ hours     $80
    • 2 hours         $100
  • Semi-private:
    • 50% discount for second student

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